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South Korean Pastor jer p published this video and note on Sep 18.

I'm from South Korea and I come here for warning you, American citizens about the threat of Chinese Communists. China is the most dangerous country all over the world. They are now colonizing small countries which are close to China including South Korea by their money and military forces. The Intelligence Bureau of China has a lot of stock shares of big companies over the world. Because of the nature of totalitarianism, they want to control other countries and also want to weaken United States by bribing FBI, CIA etc with money, funding anti-america leftist professors who are teaching in the universities and supporting protesters like ANTIFA. President Trump can't do anything until these SWAMPS called 'Deep State' in the White House leaking information to China and democrats drained out. Unfortunately, there are more psychopaths in USA : Hillary-Obama and the Mainstream Media who sold America Cake to foreign countries and took billions of dollars. These vicious people are the real GANG OF THE STATES. If they win the mid-term election, they WILL impeach the president whether he is guilty or not cuz they don't wanna go to jail and be corrupted more than ever before. They think the United States are theirs. After getting rid of Trump, america will be finished by these CROOKS. but what surprises me is so many americans?especially the leftist?even don't know about the threat of China and the real face of democrat party (Of course there are China minions in republican party too). They don't understand why trump has a fight with China and mainstream media. It's so ironic that China is killing americans by export money from the US. Americans are giving money to China to slaughter themselves. So I'd like to say that if you're a true patriot who loves your country, then vote for him in this election and encourage him to fight against them. He is so isolated in White House right now. You must protect him.